Telecoms Services

From broadband and new lines to SMS and international calls, Budget Numbers can provide a range of reliable, affordable telecoms services.

Assured Broadband

Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit into your business which delivers guaranteed voice calls of the highest quality. It’s a specialist broadband product supporting our IP telephone services and includes everything you need for first class IP telephony: a Cisco router, a business-grade broadband connection and the IP telephony service itself.

It’s ideal for small to medium sized businesses and offers optional capacities of between 5 and 30 concurrent calls. Further benefits include prioritised voice traffic across the network, UK-based support and exacting service level agreements (SLAs).

How does it work?

It’s available across all our hosted IP and SIP trunk services throughout the UK. We use the latest DSL access products available on the UK market to deliver calls directly to the Gamma voice platforms. Each service component has been designed and tested to work together and because we provide everything, we remain accountable for quality and reliability

Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit into your business and delivers voice calls of the highest quality

Each Assured circuit is tested to ensure performance, speed and zero faults. If any connection fails to make the grade we will work to provide the best available alternative

Less costly than ISDN, Assured offers between 5 and 30 (G.729) concurrent calls – ideal for SMEs

With voice traffic prioritised across our network and with industry-leading SLAs, the Assured range of products provides confidence in call quality with minimal jitter, latency and packet loss.

Quality ingredients make for a great end result. We use only best of breed products, including Cisco 800 series routers. Proven extremely reliable, they feature advanced monitoring and diagnostics for maximum performance and speedy issue diagnosis.

Every Assured service comes with enhanced support from Gamma’s own expert team. Times to fix are reduced and you can be sure of a friendly response from our well trained people.

Assured IP Services are ideal if your organisation wants a hosted IP solution, backed by uncompromising SLAs and that’s fully-supported, all from a single provider.

It’s also an option if you are considering SIP trunking as an alternative to ISDN (up to 40 channels) and want guarantees on availability and voice quality.

For pricing and information about Assured Broadband Talk to our dedicated team today

Business Lines

Save money on your business calls and line rental with our Inclusive packages from Budget Numbers.

Budget 500

£1599per month
  • 500 inclusive minutes*
  • 8p min to mobiles
  • Line Rental £15.45 per month

Budget 750

£1999per month
  • 750 inclusive minutes*
  • 7p min to mobiles
  • Line Rental £15.45 per month

Budget 1000

£2399per month
  • 1000 inclusive minutes*
  • 6p min to mobiles
  • Line Rental £15.45 per month

Budget 2000

£2999per month
  • 2000 inclusive minutes*
  • 5p min to mobiles
  • Line Rental £15.45 per month

If you have a BT Feature line and still wish to save on your call costs we can take on your calls only.

* Inclusive Minutes applies to local and national landlines including 01/02/03 and the Access Charge for 0845/0870 numbers. The Access Charge for non-geographical 084/087/09/118 numbers not included within the free minute plans is 7p per minute. The Service Charge for non-geographical numbers is payable at all times and should be displayed wherever the number is advertised.

How does it work?

Budget Numbers uses a system called Carrier Pre Select (CPS) to route your telephone calls over an alternative network, this allows us to be much cheaper than British Telecom and we pass those savings on to you.

What does it cost to set up?

There is no cost, the set up is entirely free and normally takes 14 days to complete. NB If you require new/additional fixed lines, these can be installed from £99 per line.

What are the benefits?

  • The transfer process is simple and seamless
  • Calls are billed by the second, not by the minute
  • Low call connection fees from just 2p
  • Highly competitive line rental and call costs
  • Lines are maintained by Openreach engineers
  • Faults are investigated within 24 hours

 We also offer a range of line extras

Additional VPN Description Monthly Cost*
Call Diversion Re-direct incoming calls to any other telephone number including mobile phones and international numbers. £1.50
Call Waiting When on the phone you will hear 2 beeps alerting you to another incoming call. Using the phone keypad you may wish to answer or hold the call. £1.50
Incoming Call Barring Bar a specific number or withheld numbers from calling in. £1.50
Reminder Call Is like setting an alarm clock, only you can organise a reminder days in advance. You may set daily reminders or a one off reminder. £1.50
Ring Back If you hear an engaged tone when making an outbound call, press 5, wait for a confirmation message and then hang up. When your phone rings again this alerts you that the person you had tried to call is now free and being automatically called. £1.50
Three Way Calling Enables you to speak to 2 different locations at the same time in a three way conversation, or privately to one at a time. You make the first call, and when answered just call the second location. £1.50
Caller Display This will display the number of the incoming call. This will only work on handsets that have the required display screen. £1.50
Call Sign This gives you a second call sign number on the same phone, but the ring tone will have slightly different spacing when the call sign number is dialled. £1.50
1471 Extra Dial 1471 and you will hear details of the last 5 incoming calls including the time and date. £4.99
1571 Set up an answer service on your phone by dialling 1571. If a message has been left you will hear an interrupted dial tone the next time you pick up the handset. You can receive 10 messages each up to 2 minutes long that will be saved for 20 days. £1.50
Smart Divert Smart Divert allows your calls to follow you without you having to use your own phone. You can divert calls to other phone numbers in the UK, abroad and mobile phones. £3.99
Smart Divert with Bypass Is the same as above but for security purposes you are allocated a PIN code to prevent unauthorised usage. £3.99
Presentation Number Allows you to present an alternative phone number that you own when you make outbound calls. Activation charge: £75. £3.50
Choose to Refuse Allows you to block unwanted or nuisance calls from a particular number. You can block that number and remove the block any time you want to. £1.50
Anonymous call rejection This will play a recording to the caller saying that you don’t allow withheld numbers. Only displayed numbers will be able to call you. £1.50

* All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Activation charges may apply.
For full WLR and CPS Terms & Conditions please click here or contact us on 03333 222 123 for more information.

Cheap International Calls

You can make cheap international calls very easily with Bubble Call. Simple choose the country you want to call from the selection below to get started:

When calling from a landline

The selected country’s web page will display an access phone number to dial (and full instructions and prices). After the short welcome message, simply dial the full international phone number of the person you want to speak to as you would normally.

When calling from a mobile

The selected country’s web page will display an SMS code and an access telephone number to dial (and full instructions and prices). Text the SMS code to receive £5 instant call credit. Then dial the access phone number 0161 664 5677. After the short welcome message, dial the full international number of the person you want to speak to as you would normally.


Make sure you include the country code starting 00, and don’t dial the 0 at the beginning of the area code e.g. for London number 0207 123 4567 you would dial 0044 207 123 4567.

What is Number Porting?

If you already have a non-geographic 0845, 0844, 0871, 0800, or 03 number but are unhappy with the charges, rebates or service from your existing provider, you may wish to transfer or Port your number to Galaxy Numbers. As an independent telecoms company we have porting agreements with several carriers.

What are the Benefits of Porting your Number(s)?

  • Reduce your ongoing charges with Galaxy Numbers’ competitive Service Fees and Call Plans
  • Increase your rebate rate for numbers with higher call volumes
  • There will be no interruption to your service or loss of calls
  • We deal with the whole porting process including contacting your existing provider
  • You will have access to a first class service from the Galaxy Numbers Support Team
  • Free retargeting of your numbers
  • Free online access to your monthly call statistics
  • Upgrade to our added value Standard, Extra, or Ultimate Call Plans at any time

Special Porting Offer:

Port your number to us today and receive up to 50% discount off your current provider’s service charges. Plus, take advantage of some of the highest call rebates in the market. Simply provide us with a copy of your latest bill and we will calculate the available discount according to your call volumes.

What does it cost to Port a Number?

We make no charge to Port your number to Galaxy Numbers. Once your number is ported, you simply pay the Annual Service Fee and optional relevant plan or products fees if you select any of our added value Call Plans or Standalone features.

How do you Port your Number?

  • Download the Porting Form and Service Request Form from our website
  • Print the two forms onto your Company headed paper
  • Complete the two forms and sign and date where indicated
  • Fax the completed forms along with a recent bill or invoice from your existing provider to us on 08450 567 888, or email to us at sales@
  • We will contact your existing supplier and submit your porting request
  • The process can take approximately 14 days and you will be notified when it has been completed
  • There will be NO disruption to your service or loss of calls during the transfer process
  • Please contact our Support Team on 08450 567 777 if you have any questions

For more information on how to port your number Contact Us

Have you started a New Business?

A well set up telephone system can save you time, money and increase your sales.

Let our friendly staff help you choose the features you need to make your company efficient, professional and open for business.

  • A brand new 0845, 0800, or 03 telephone number on your stationery and adverts can give your business a more professional image and the appeal of a national company which could attract more customers. 08 and 03 numbers can be easily retargeted to any UK geographic landline (or mobile*) which means your customers can keep in touch if you move premises permanently or temporarily.
  • Our comprehensive range of Call Handlingfeatures can help you never miss an important sales call. You can manage your customer calls easily and efficiently with a combination of services includingVoicemail, Time, Day & Date Routing, Call Divert, Distribution Routing, Virtual Receptionist , and many more.
  • Our Fax to Email service can save you having to buy a fax machine and rent a separate telephone line. This convenient service allows you to access received faxes anywhere that you can view your emails.

Special offer for New Businesses:

  • Free connection on our Bronze or Silver Numbers saving up to £100, PLUS 25% discount off our normal Annual Service Fee. Available to all new businesses who started trading within the last 12 months.

*diverting calls to a mobile is available at extra cost.

Find out more about how we can help your new business… Contact Us

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing, or Text Message Marketing, is one of the most effective ways to communicate specific marketing messages directly to your customers or potential customers.

As the majority of UK adults own a mobile phone and keep it with them most of the time, your marketing message will almost certainly be read by the recipient, and in a timely fashion. Hence, this medium is perfect for sending and receiving information to complement advertising campaigns to new or existing customers.

Permission based SMS campaigns can alert customers of a new service, support a product launch or remind their them of key calendar dates.

They can also be used to request a call back, a brochure, or to initiate a request for more information – this can be dispatched by email, sent to the mobile phone, or a link sent to give access via mobile internet.

You can choose to have access to real time responses and campaign statistics via your own online portal, or have reports emailed to you on a regular basis. The details of these reports and statistics will enable you to deliver your campaign objectives promptly and help you monitor its success.

Galaxy Numbers’ SMS Marketing Services allows you to:

  • Communicate directly with customers via their mobile device
  • Receive inbound text message enquiries from SMS short codes in your adverts or published marketing materials
  • Reach customers who are on the move and who may not immediately have access to your website
  • Send marketing updates and offers to your customer base
  • Include voting, polling and text to win competitions to your marketing
  • Send renewal reminders and forthcoming appointment details
  • Confirm transaction details

This form of marketing is personal, immediate, targeted and can be very cost-effective. There is no expensive hardware or software to purchase or maintain and we can help you with every aspect of set-up and delivery.

What does SMS Marketing cost your customers?

With our Economy SMS service your customers are charged at their standard network rate when sending text messages to you. They are not charged for receiving message from you. Please contact us for more details if you require Premium SMS services.

Shortcode & Keyword Costs Monthly Contract Annual Contract
One off set up charge £95 £50
Shortcode rental (per Shortcode) £75 £495
Keyword rental (per Keyword) £45 £295
Text Message Credits
Cost per bundle Cost per text message credit
1,000 £65 6.5p
5,000 £295 5.9p
10,000 £550 5.5p
50,000 £2,450 4.9p
50,000+ £POA £POA

Interested in SMS Marketing? Contact Us