The answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked.

A NGN is a Non Geographical Number which means the telephone number is not linked to any area in the UK unlike local numbers beginning 01 or 02. Examples of these include 0800, 0845 and 0333 numbers.

A VGN is a Virtual Geographic Number meaning you can have a local 01 or 02 number wherever you are in the UK.  For example you may have an office in Aberdeen but want to advertise as if you are based London. Using one of our 0207 numbers would allow you appear as if you are a London firm but in reality the calls are being forwarded to your Aberdeen office allowing you to market your services to a wider area.

If you have been provided with an online portal you can manage targeting your phone number personally. Alternatively send an email to support@budgetnumbers.co.uk specifying the number you want re-targeted and the phone number you want it targeted to.

First things first, check the underlying number (the number your NGN or VGN is targeted to) because if this isn’t working neither will your number . If they are working then call us immediately on 03333 222 123, or alternatively email support@budgetnumbers.co.uk and report the fault giving the number details and the nature of the fault.

Yes, all our numbers can be purchased on a pay monthly term.

Our standard contract is 36 month which means your price is fixed for this duration. We can offer bespoke contracts depending on the customer’s requirements.

You can write to us at support@budgetnumbers.co.uk giving us no less than one month’s clear notice prior to the date of renewal.

Most numbers can be live within five minutes from receipt of a signed service agreement and payment however, it will take longer if you have additional call handling solutions added.

Yes, all of our numbers can be targeted to a mobile phone.

Yes, we have porting agreements with most telecommunication networks. It is very simple to do and can be done without any down time and normally within a few business days from the request.